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Flood Pros, provides around the clock 24-hour response, anytime, any day. Proven professional techniques, and a customer satisfaction guarantee come with every job we do. FLOOD PROS perfected system reduces drying so your home or business is restored FAST!

FLOOD PROS uses the Science of Psychrometrics to ensure that the area is dried completely and the threat of mold and pathogenic growth is eliminated. With state-of-the-art equipment and the FLOOD PROS System, we reduce the time it takes to dry most structures to 3 days or less and minimize the inconvenience to you.

We Will Bill Your Insurance Company

Water Overflowing
A Water Damage Specialist will explain the process of water damage restoration and help you with your insurance claim. We also help mitigate and monitor the job. By professionally recording Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifiacationdata on each damaged area, we can determine if the affected area is truly drying. Copies of the report are made available to you and your insurance company to prove that areas are dry within industry standards, reducing the likelihood of mold. We are also certified by the IICRC, the industry's leader in education and drying technology.

Don't Measure Dryness By Touch Or Feel!
When moisture levels are guessed by touch or feel, you are speculating not determining if a project is completely dry. FLOOD PROS uses a proven science and a system of sensors and meters that is essential to thorough drying and eliminating pathogenic growth.

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